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Pinnaclife Olivamine Supplement Facts

Olivamineis a powerful patent pending antioxidant blend pulled straight from the healing power of the olive.

Why you may need Olivamine
  • The body creates harmful agents known as free radicals that damage the body and cause disease. Antioxidants “quench” free radicals and stop them from causing damage to the body
  • Inflammation is the root of all disease. Inflammation is caused by cells that die unnaturally, which is often caused by free radical damage
  • Some inflammation based diseases are: cancer, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Physicians estimate that as many as 45% to 87% of breast cancer patients begin taking an antioxidant supplement after diagnosis (Greenlee)

How Pinnaclife Supplements can help you
  • Olivamine is the only supplement that contains
    time-released hydroxytyrosol; the powerful antioxidant
    derived from the olive
  • Olivamine does not put anything into your body that it cannot use
  • Many of our customers have reported feeling better after taking Olivamine
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